Project Description

High Power Alarm Transmitter (HPATX)

The ideal external alarm extension for far remote areas, the High Power Alarm Transmitter, encased in a durable, waterproof casing, works in exactly the same manner as a Remote Control Transmitter however, it has a hard wire input trigger that can be connected to devices such as a low current consumption Passive Infra Red Detectors or a Magnetic Contact. When the circuit is opened (or closed depending on the connection) the  High Power Alarm Transmitter will automatically send a signal. The High Power Alarm Transmitter can operate on a 9 or 12 V DC adapter. With a superb transmission range of up to 1km the HPATX makes those far-off, hard to reach places reachable.

Up to 500m (line of sight) when used with any Standard Bartronic Receiver. Up to 1km (line of sight) when used with any External Bartronic Receiver.

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