Lifestyle Design Technology, a company with a background in designing a diverse innovative range of technological products is now the new home of the  )))bartronics brand of security products. Lifestyle Design Technology is also home of the Synergy range of lighting and energy products. Both brands have a number of award winning products within their range and the future products being developed for both brands will continue to keep LDT a leader in technology.

All our products are manufactured to the highest standard and are tested at our own factory located on the East Rand, Johannesburg, after which they are distributed both locally and internationally to our loyal clients whom all have come to associate our name with reliability and quality.

All our products come with a 12-month warranty along with a comprehensive, interactive and technical support for our clients.

We invite you to experience the Lifestyle Design way. We are confident that you will be impressed, and look forward to welcoming you to our world.

Best Regards
The Lifestyle Design Team


Where we come from:

A note from the Director/Owner:
Lifestyle Design Technology, a private company started in 1985 and converted to CC in 2007 was originally a furniture company developing space saving furniture.

“In early 1984 I had just moved into a small flat and lacking space I soon (with my mad innovative thinking) realized the lounge suite could also be used as trunks for storage. The single seats were made into speaker boxes for a small lounge still needing a hi-fi and speakers. Making and selling these from a friends garage, within a year Lifestyle Design came into being and had also moved into disco /club audio systems and then soon to car audio installations. Then in early 1987 I got my introduction into car security systems. Car security was in its infancy then and beginning to look viable when I was approached to develop a custom designed immobilizer security system by one of the security companies in my area. That was the start of the security and remote control manufacturing side of the business. In 1988 with a few steady customers, Bartronics was born and in 1989 I resigned from my employment and started full time. From then on Bartronics has gone on to become a recognized specialist in the field of remote control security.”

In the interim years from 1988 on wards Lifestyle Design continued to develop non security products  and eventually settled on energy and lighting products. In 2007 Lifestyle Design Technology was registered and went full time. By 2013 Lifestyle Design Technology took over the )))bartronics brand (which had been licensed to a company named Bartronic Security Systems since 1988) but as a manufacturing company this time. In the interim years from 1988 to 2013, LDT had continued development of its innovative energy and lighting award winning products like the PowerLite (SABS Design award in 2007) and the eLite (Eskom Lighting Efficiency Design in 2013).

LDT along with its own award winning lighting and energy products under the Synergy brand name will continue to introduce innovative )))bartronic branded security products to the world.